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Puff Nicotine Salts

Find our puffs with nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are the standard when it comes to disposable pods, which is why a lot of puffs contain these nicotine salts. But what is it, and how does it differ from conventional nicotine? Conventional nicotine is basically a product used in conventional cigarettes. Extremely addictive, it is the substance that makes you addicted to tobacco. It is not dangerous in itself, but it becomes so when coupled with tobacco because it makes you addicted to a product containing many harmful elements. To stop smoking, it is therefore necessary to continue to receive a dose of nicotine, which is what classic nicotine in eliquids allows. Nicotine salts overcome two problems associated with conventional nicotine: First, nicotine salts rise to the brain faster than conventional nicotine, so the consumer is more quickly satisfied (which limits the risk of a relapse), then, nicotine salts have a hit in the throat much less strong than conventional nicotine, so it is possible to vapour in 20 mg / ml much more easily than for conventional nicotine.