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Gourmet Puff

Find disposable pods puff with different gourmet flavours. On the programme: dozens of gourmet puffs to satisfy you at best. More like espresso coffee or hazelnut? More like candy or vanilla cream? The gourmands are many and varied, you will inevitably find one that you like. These puffs will undoubtedly become your All days. The puffs are a new type of electronic cigarette: disposable and recyclable, practical and simple, these disposable pods are rocking the world of vape in late 2021. These puffs allow thousands of smokers afraid of the complexity of the electronic cigarette to finally be able to vapot and abandon the classic cigarette. The puffs are composed of several elements: a battery, a resistance, and a tank of 2 ml in general already containing the eliquid. Nothing very different from a conventional e-cigarette, except for the pre-filled cartridge. So what do you think? Will you let yourself be tempted by the tasty gourmet flavours that puffs offer?