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Puff Classic

Conquer the American West by vaping a sublime classic puff that will remind you of your old cigarette. Wouldn't that be the best way to quit smoking for good? In any case, it's this kind of flavour that has helped hundreds of thousands of smokers break their harmful addiction. The puff classics, these are disposable pods with simple but varied flavours such as brown or blond. The flavours can be neutral or with an additional, subtle flavour in the background. This can be hazelnut, caramel, red fruit, etc... It's up to you to choose your favourite puff classic. Puff disposable electronic cigarettes have revolutionised the world of vape in the year 2021. Their promise? It is the simplicity, simplicity of filling, simplicity of use. This is not a detail, all these advantages have the consequence of drastically facilitating access to the electronic cigarette and therefore the cessation of smoking. This is why puffs should be seen as a weapon against smoking.