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Minty Puff

Discover a selection of disposable puff pods in fresh and intense mint flavours. Whether it's puffs menthol, mint leaf puffs or just plain fresh puffs, you'll find everything you love in this collection. The difference between the different menthol flavours is often a matter of intensity, so you'll find mint puffs, fresh mint puffs, and even ice-cold mints for shivering while vaping. Conquer Antarctica by enjoying these totally frosty puffs. But what are puffs? It is above all a new way of vapourizing your eliquid. No more complicated equipment, no more maintenance of your equipment. Disposable pods are a promise: simply receive, vapourise and recycle. These puffs, by their simplicity, offer smokers to stop permanently the classic cigarette, this mode of vape has thus capsized the world of vape in late 2021, will you be the next convinced?