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Puff Elite

Find Halo and its Elite Puffs. The American brand is indeed going full steam ahead in the design of disposable electronic cigarettes by offering a premium selection of flavours designed by them. Halo is an American e-liquid company, for over 10 years, they have imagined and designed a large number of e-liquids that have convinced a large number of vapers. It is with this experience that the brand is now launching into disposable vape. The Elite pods represent the quintessence of puffs, a simple and practical material at the service of recognized flavors. That's how Halo has used its greatest hits for its puffs. (Re)discover Tribeca and Subzero, two of the best-selling flavours in France and in the world. In terms of hardware, Halo has kept things simple and efficient with its Elite. We find a 350 mAh battery that will power the included resistance for a few days. It heats a sealed tank containing 2 ml of e-liquid.