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Puff Vape Pen Dinner Lady

Discover the puffs Vape Pen from the Dinner Lady brand, disposable pods with British class. Dinner Lady is a very well known brand across the UK, it has designed many e-liquids gourmands that are now references in vape. It is with pleasure that we see today this recognized brand invest the world of disposable puff pods. And Dinner Lady has hit hard by offering a selection of very varied flavors designed for all tastes, you will find as much classic (as the smooth blend), gourmet (as the Bubble gum) or fruity as the Strawberry Ice. In terms of hardware, the Vape Pen is a very thin stick for a good grip. It is composed of a battery offering a range of 350 mAh as well as a resistance and a tank containing 2ml of eliquid sealed. The eliquid contained in the tank contains nicotine salts, an effective way to quit smoking as they allow for a more efficient assimilation of nicotine.